Practicing golf is the most crucial thing to golfers because it promotes muscle memory. Players invest a lot in practice and hope to replicate the same results in competitions. When training, the golfer must ensure he is aligned to the target. There is nothing as disappointing as a golf shot that misses the green on one side. When this happens, it means that it is simply not aligning to the target appropriately. When training, it is crucial to use alignment sticks to develop the right golfing skills. Here is an account on why you should always use golf training sticks.

The alignment Sticks are the best for developing body sync during training

Golf is a game that involves the entire body. Even when you have a clear picture of the game, the mind, hands, and legs must work together to produce the best shot. The alignment sticks help golfers learn to concentrate and only use the right energy for every shot. This body synchronization helps to direct concentration to every shot for better results. If you narrow down to simply focus the golf ball to the greens using the alignment sticks, rest assured of great results in tournaments.

The surest way to get golfing fundamentals

Just like other sports, playing golf has its fundamentals. In addition to understanding the core components of playing golf, you will appreciate the central principle of aligning to the greens. The golf training sticks make it possible for golfers to see the game from a winner’s point of view. The only thing you need to do is replicating the training with alignment sticks in the course to stun even great players.

Golf training sticks are crucial in developing the perfect golf swing

Every time one comes across golfing journals, one component that never misses is the golf swing. Some top golfers took years to get the perfect golf swings that help them make the best shots. Trainers use the alignment sticks to show you where the feet should be planted on the ground and the perfect swing for a great shot into the greens. Well, though this might take some time to master, it is perhaps the most crucial thing that will help you keep winning every other tournament.

The bottom line to building confidence

When newbies join golf, the target is reaching and surpassing the levels of the best global golfers. However, it can be very intimidating knowing that you will compete with great golfers who have won very many tournaments. However, this need not be the case. The alignment sticks will help you to build the confidence and challenge top performers in the course.

When you train with alignment sticks, you have the assurance of the right alignment. This is the first step towards a perfect shot. Then, once you control the force to apply in every shot, every player in the course will be stunned by the great performance. Always remember that when you get into every course, it is the shots you make that count and not the past win or losses.




Playing golf gives one a sense of class, style, and takes you closer to fame. It is the game played by top celebrities and executives, and everybody who enters golf commands a lot of respect.

To enter into this prestigious club of a few, you must master the basics of playing golf. This should start with learning about the basic set of golf clubs. In this post, we discuss the basic set of golf clubs.

A complete set of clubs contains about 12-17 clubs which could differ depending on the manufacturer. The traditional set consists of drivers, several fairway woods, irons, 2-3 hybrid clubs, a putter, sand wedge, and pitching wedge.

Because golfers are allowed to have a maximum of 14 golf clubs on the golf course, acquiring a complete set is the surest way of being economical.

The driver club

This is the biggest club in the golf club set; in club head size and distance produced after striking a ball. The club comes with steep faces and is used off a tee.

Expert golfers, however, can still use the driver even on the fairway when the conditions are ideal.

The fairway woods

The fairway woods clubs include 3-wood that come with loft at 12 and 17 degrees. In some cases, a 5-wood can be lofted at 18 to 23 degrees.

These clubs come with broader heads but are shallower. The lower sweet spot is located towards the lower (bottom) part of the club. The fairway woods are regularly hit off the tee when the lie is good.

The irons

In a club set, the irons can range from 1-9 though hybrids can replace the lower number irons. The irons are comparatively thin which makes it easy to slice even the thick lies including sand and rough to exert a lot of force on the ball.


These are typically 2-3 clubs starting from #3 to #5 and are the easiest to hit in comparison to the irons. The hybrids combine elements of irons and woods to make a special club for a clean hit comparing to long irons.


The sand wedges and pitching wedges are always included in most sets. The heads resemble those of the irons though they are a little open.

This means that they only send the ball to shorter distances at greater heights. They can also be used for playing high flops using the backspin to make the ball stop promptly or backup on the hole where a lot of greens appear between the hole and player.


The putter completes the golf club set. The putter is only 1 blade/ mallet putter. The putter is one of the most commonly used clubs to help drive the ball into the hole.

It features a flat face that generates no loft on the ball. It is only used to help the ball roll to the ground towards the hole.

The golf bag

The set of clubs will not be complete without the tight bag to hold and carry them. You can opt for a carry or stand bag though some come with a cart bag. The bag will also include about 3-4 covers for protecting the hybrids and woods.

Golf is one of the most cherished sports in the world. Its top players are paid a lot of money which makes the focus on the sport to continue even away from the courses.

The techie world has done its part by producing high rated tech products and systems to make golf an even bigger thriller. One such technology is applied through the laser range finder.

What is a laser range finder in golf?

A laser range finder is a system that utilizes laser technology to tell the actual distance towards a specific object for a better swing. In golf, the range finder tells with high accuracy the distance from one point of the course to another.

The commonest distances that golfers are interested to know when using laser range finders in a course include;

  • The distance to the bunker.
  • The distance to the greens.
  • The actual distance to a specific hazard.
  • Some range finders can even help calculate yardage.

Most important things to consider when selecting a range finder

Though every range finder comes with its pros and cons, you can follow the following tips to get the best.

  • Ease of use: The best laser range finder should be very easy to use in getting the distance you want. In the course, playing golf can be frustrating, and things can quickly go against you. Therefore, the range finder should be able to give results very fast (in seconds) so that you take the best shot.
  • Distance: Establish the maximum distance that the range finder can give the correct readings. The secret is getting a range finder that can give you the correct reading based on the longest course.
  • Size and weight: Because the range finder has to be carried throughout the course, it is important to look for a small, compact and portable range finder.
  • The cost: While many golfers are willing to pay a fortune if only to get the right range funder. The best thing is identifying the best one and getting it at lower rates. For example, most golf and sports stores usually give huge discounts from of you buy all golfing items from them. You can also join golfing clubs to get discounted prices on items such as range finder.


To succeed in top sports such as Golf, it is important to ensure that you use the latest technology as much as possible. The laser range finder will help you to tell the actual distance to the greens, hazards, and any other targeted point.

Golf is special, entertaining, and uniquely captivating. For people who cherish golf so much, let’s tell the truth; no one gets enough of it.

To improve on the game, it is only possible with practice and more time on the course. However, daily busy schedules and family leave little or no time to go out.

To give you the required space and time, golf net will come in handy. The net allows you to form a small course in the compound and practice as regularly as possible. This article is a review of 7 best golf practice nets.

Callaway Tri-Ball Hitting Net

This net is available in three sizes depending on personal preference. The three different sizes are also sold at varying costs.

The netting material is very strong and has a hanging aiming target. Because it has a unique triangular shape, a golfer can practice with every type of club.

Because the net is free standing, it is also ideal to use indoors for people who do not have lawns.

Callaway Tri-Ball Hitting Net

This is a high quality special net designed by Rukket and is only available in (10x7x5 feet). The frame is designed using steel for extra strength.

This is a deviation from the common fiberglass that is commonly used in other nets. It is worth noting that this golf practice net is very easy to set up because it looks like the common camping tents.

PowerNet Golf Practice Net

This is an affordable golf net that that no golfer wants to miss because of the wide opening. The entire frame is made of metal and is very firm so that you should never worry that it will at some point tip over.

Besides, the net is heavy duty (6-ply knotless) and you can take even the driver shot without ripping it over.

The Net Return Pro Series Golf Net

No place to place a net outside? Do not worry because you can now use the Net Return Pro Series Golf Net that fits perfectly well in the sitting room because of the small size (7′ 6″x8″x3’6″).

You only clear the table. Its special design, unique design, strong frame, and tough net make it one of the most expensive pieces in the market. It only weighs 28 pounds, and you can set it in the house and carry it anywhere with ease.

SKLZ Quickster Golf Net with Target

For golfers who want a more pocket friendly option, this is the ideal option for you. It has a very light weight frame and a tough net that will withstand even the most powerful shot.

Whether you go for 6’x6′ or 8’x8′ size, you will realize that they are very easy to assemble and disassemble.

Cimarron Super Swing Master Golf Net & Frame

This is one of the top golf practice nets that take a rectangular shape. It is ideal for pro golfers who can aim even from longer distances on their compound. The net is very easy to set and is one of the most expensive reaching Dynamax Sports Golf Practice/Barrier Net, Black, 10 X 10 ft.

 This gold practice net has been selected as one of the best fitness product. Because of its extra height that reaches up to 10 feet, the barrier is ideal for longer shots. It is also easy to set so that you can start

It is also easy to set so that you can start practising anywhere so that you can practise even if you only have 30 minutes to spare.